The full conference program will be available soon. Here's a preview of confirmed classes:

It's Worth the Risk 
That’s the Way We've Always Done It 
Saving Your Crew Tonight: What Can Be Done Right Now to Make a Difference? 
How to Implement a Firefighter Fatality Case Study Program 
Behavioral Health Fundamentals for the Fire Service 
The Pillars of the Fireground: Search & Extinguishment 
Tactical Decision Making: Video Sets and Reps 
Strip Mall Vertical Ventilation: Building Truck Company Confidence 
Liability Trends & Traps: Hot Topics in 2020 
Engine Company Operations “Gallons Per Second” 
Ditch the Wall and Update Your Search 
Building Construction for the Fire Service 
Using CLUES in Your 360 Size-Up 
Training with Progressiveness 
Top Tips for Effective Truck Company Operations 
The Engine Company's Need for Speed 
That Doesn't Seem Right: Recognizing and Reacting to Fireground Red Flags 
Rapid Rapport for Rapid Responders 
Performance Culture: Redefining Average for Firefighters 
Paradise Lost: Life on The Fire Line with Oregon Strike Team 17 
Hazmatology: The Science of Hazardous Materials 


These Roundtables will bring together groups with diverse experience to discuss critical topics such as:

Rapid Intervention and Mayday Response, Training and Equipping Today’s Engine Firefighters, Fire Officer Challenges and Solutions and more.