Hydrants to Nozzles:
Knowledge & Understanding are Essential to Critical Flow

Dennis LeGear, Owner, LeGear Engineering F.D. Consulting

We have allowed our primary mission on the movement and placement of suppression water to slip in knowledge and understanding far too long. This occurred as the fire services’ role was expanded to the all-risk mitigation model over the last three-plus decades.


The current lack of a more complete body of knowledge and understanding in this critical area primarily has been a failure of leadership in the fire service, not the rank and file. It is ultimately their charge to the rank and file to ensure that spec and layout of fire stream development equipment drives proper strategies and tactics on the fireground.  It also must properly conform to physical realities of both water movement and the mechanics of functional application of suppression water. It is their responsibility to the membership and the citizens under our protection to make this the most understood area of the fire service.


You cannot have a best-in-class culture of extinguishment and a culture of search in your organization, maximizing life and property preservation when battling fire without first having a society of moving water. These two keystone fire service cultures can only be fully developed within their greatest potential if the fire service remains a society of moving water first.


Join LeGear at the opening ceremony to discover the mindset that leads to the greatest possible life and property preserving potential when developing and applying fire streams. The development and application of fire streams is truly the foundation and soul of fire service society.